The path used by Tom in
'The Moth Trap' as it looks today...Rather less muddy!
St. Michael's Chapel, Old Woods Hill, Torquay. Formerly known as The Tor Chapel or St. Marie's Chapel, it is the location of The Fall in 'A Step Aside' and 'Of Gods and Ghosts.'
The interior of the chapel showing the unworked bedrock floor, but sadly not The Fall.
The path leading into Watcombe Woods from the car park.
Site of the former terracotta clay workings, used by the Watcombe Terracotta Clay Company from 1869.
Also the scene of Brad and Mal's  argument in 'Of Gods and Ghosts.'
The clearing where Nick and Brad wait to inspect the crime scene.
The steps where Tom and his followers are stopped by Nick.
Whitsand Beach where Tom and Molly are cornered.
The Dell of Camulos.
The tree where sacrifice is made to Camulos.
The path leading into Cockington Woods, past the Gamekeeper's Cottage, used by Tom and Molly.